Pre-order Tai, A Woven Culture now,
at only 74 Euro instead of the usual retail price of 88 Euro,
or at 2.700 THB instead of 3.200 THB (for orders from Thailand).

Your pre-order comes with an invitation for the book launch and reception in Brussels or in Bangkok
(You will be asked to indicate your choice before check-out).

This pre-launch offer runs till March 2023. 
The book launch in Brussels is on Saturday 25 March 2023 at 4 PM at the Royal Library: 2, Boulevard de l’Empereur, 1000 Brussels.
The book launch in Bangkok in on Friday 7 April 2023 at 6 PM at Blue Elephant: 233, South Sathorn Road, 10120 Bangkok.
The book will be printed in January 2023. 
Book deliveries are planned from 23 March on.

’Support the project’

Donations are used to help us cover the production costs of the book.

When you support this project, we are honoured to reward you by mentioning your name in the Contributors’ section of the book.

200 books will be offered to schools and universities in remote areas in Thailand,
that want to use the books for educational purposes but cannot afford the purchase.

We gratefully thank our structural sponsors:

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